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NBA Summer League, Wizards vs. Nuggets final score: Otto Porter hurt in 97-69 victory

The Washington Wizards blew out the Denver Nuggets for their first Summer League win, but Otto Porter was not a part of it. The Wizards' rookie reinjured his hamstring and had to leave the game early. Jan Vesely led Washington to the win.


LAS VEGAS -- The good news: the Wizards came away with a much-needed 97-69 win over the Denver Nuggets, an easy victory that included a sweep of all four quarters for a point each.

The injury to Otto Porter is a bummer, though. He left after going out early in the first quarter with a tight right hamstring, the same one that caused him to sit out of yesterday's scrimmage with the Raptors. He was off to a decent start, getting two buckets in transition and playing pretty solid defense, but also blowing a wide-open layup and floating a weak shot when attacking a closeout. I think he would have played much better than in the first two games if he had stayed healthy, but nevertheless, this is disappointing. I'll find out more about his status for the tournament later.

As for the game...

Jan Vesely, man. This might have been Jan's best game since April of 2011. The dude was all over the place defensively, decisive rolling to the rim, borderline dominant in the post and even stroked a couple jumpers in the process. The Nuggets' weak transition defense opened up lanes for him to sprint down the court and seemed to get him energized. It's just Summer League, but it was a display of what Vesely could be if he could find some confidence.

Glen Rice Jr. was also solid. He still doesn't quite have the nuances of team defense picked up and there are some moves he used to be able to pull off that the better defenders on this level can cut off, but he really has a polished offensive game. His one-dribble pull-ups were on point and his herky-jerky drives to the rim were effective. He wasn't terribly efficient, but that's OK. Honestly, the first guy that came to mind when trying to find an NBA doppelganger was Gary Neal. If Rice puts together that kind of career, I'll be happy.

Chris Singleton didn't do much offensively, but was all over the boards and had five assists. I'm still frustrated by how indecisive he's been offensively, but at least he found other ways to contribute.

The other standout: Dennis Horner, who did some nice things as a pick and pop player in the fourth quarter. Horner nearly made the NBA as a member of the Nets a couple years ago. He's someone that could be a good fit for the training camp roster.

The Wizards have now won six quarters and one game. We'll soon find out where they rank for the first Summer League tournament, but it's too complicated for me to figure out right now.

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