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NBA Summer League 2013: Sam Cassell challenges Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton

The Wizards' Summer League coach said he expects more from the two most experienced players on the team.


LAS VEGAS -- It hasn't been an especially good Summer League for anyone on the Washington Wizards thus far, but I think it's fair to say that Chris Singleton and Jan Vesely have been better than most. Vesely's offensive game looks more polished, while Singleton continues to attack the basket.

However, that's not enough for Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell. He has higher expectations for the third-year forward duo and was very clear about conveying that.

"The pressure's on them. They have to play better."-Sam Cassell on Jan Vesely and Chris Singleton

"The pressure's on them. They have to play better," Cassell said following the Wizards' off-day scrimmage against the Toronto Raptors.

"They have to play better," Cassell repeated. "They're our veteran guys, and we expect them to play better for us to win games. It's not just about scoring points. We're going to score points. It's the other things, like loose balls. We haven't yet won a 50-50 ball in a game yet. When you win the 50-50 ball games in this kind of tournament, we win basketball games."

Vesely has flashed some nice post skills, but Cassell was critical of his defense and rebounding.

"His offense is getting a little better, but unfortunately we have to play both ends of the court," Cassell said. "He's got to make the adjustments. He ain't playing bad, but being in his third year, he's got to play better."

Singleton, meanwhile, has struggled with his shot, which he admitted in an interview with reporters following practice. Singleton has tried to adjust some of his mechanics to improve and potentially challenge to be the stretch 4 the team needs, but he admitted that he's still working to correct those in a game setting.

"I had been doing a good job of it until I got here. It's just something that's a habit, and I just need to break it," he said.

Singleton is specifically working on improving his foot position, not fading away and his arc. He said his shot can be "a little flat," and sometimes that's because he doesn't bend his knees enough. He's only shot 33 percent from the field and has missed both of his three-pointers.

"I just want Chris to make quick decisions," Cassell said. "Pick and roll, he should catch it and shoot it. Or drive it. I don't want to see pump fakes, indecisiveness. You can't be a good player while being indecisive. Once he understands that part of it, I think he'll be OK."

Other notes: Otto Porter did not play in the scrimmage due to a tight right hamstring, but he is expected to play tomorrow against the Denver Nuggets at 10 p.m. The Wizards will continue to experiment with him, potentially playing him at power forward next game, according to Cassell. "There is no over-experimenting in Summer League," Cassell said. "We're trying to see the things he can do well."

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