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NBA Free Agency rumors: Washington has interest in DeJuan Blair

Washington may be pursuing San Antonio restricted free agent Dejuan Blair.


Rebounding specialist DeJuan Blair is an unrestricted free agent and, after having seen his minutes drop each season he's been in the NBA, the burly power forward may be on his way out of San Antonio. Now, Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Wizards are interested in him.

This is pure speculation here, but it's more likely than not that the choices in question would include one of Washington's players who are still on their rookie contract, more likely than not Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton or Trevor Booker, all of whom make roughly the amount in salary that Blair will command on the open market. Booker would make the most sense for both teams, since their skill sets are almost exactly the same.

Despite being only 6'7, Blair is one of the better rebounders in the NBA and could help make up for some of Seraphin's deficiencies if they were paired together. He can't shoot, protect the rim or move his feet particularly well on the perimeter, though, so he'd only be of any use to the team as a fourth or fifth big man. He also doesn't have ACLs so his long-term health is always going to be a question mark. Signing him to anything more than a one- or two-year contract would be a gamble to say the least.

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