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NBA free agency 2013: Eric Maynor explains why he signed with the Wizards so quickly

Eric Maynor talked for the first time about why he agreed to a contract with the Wizards on the first day of free agency.


Eric Maynor spoke to the media today (full video here via Monumental Network) for the first time since his signing for the bi-annual exception became official. Maynor said he had offers, but zeroed in on Washington quickly because he really wanted to play for this organization.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

"I think this is the kind of team that's going to be on the rise," Maynor said. "I just wanted to get it out the way. I didn't want to be waiting. I felt like this was a great situation for me. Young team. Up-and-coming. Nice deal for me. I'm excited about being here."

Later, in an interview on ESPN 980, Maynor said that the Wizards had a "great coaching staff" and he is "looking forward to playing behind John Wall." During the media interview, he compared Wall to Russell Westbrook, his former teammate, saying they "might be, like, the same player."

Maynor also said in his media address that he feels completely recovered from a torn ACL he suffered in January of 2012. Via Lee:

"It's way over a year now, so I'm good," Maynor said of his knee injury, which forced him to wear a brace until the all-star break. "About two weeks after I got out of that brace, I just started feeling back normal, feeling like myself again. More free and just playing. It was tough coming off that injury, but soon as I got out of that brace, my confidence got back high."

However, in his ESPN radio interview, Maynor said his injury healed in Portland.

"It was good for me to go to Portland. I was able to play a lot and show teams I was still healthy after my ACL injury. It felt good to be out there. I got my confidence back where it needed to be and I was able to get myself 100 percent healthy," he said.

So, who knows exactly. The important part is that it's healed and he's ready to go.

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