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NBA free agent rumors: Martell Webster agreement could happen Monday

It sounds like it's only a matter of time until Martell Webster is officially back with the Washington Wizards. The Wizards could have him verbally agree to sign a new deal as soon as Monday.


The Washington Wizards appear to be closing in on re-signing small forward Martell Webster, their No. 1 priority in this free agency period. Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports that the two sides could agree to terms as soon as Monday.

Webster cannot officially ink a new contract until July 10, but he can verbally agree to anything now, leaving the rest to be a formality.

Webster returned to D.C. on Sunday to undergo physical therapy after he underwent sports hernia surgery a month ago. The intention wasn't specifically to meet with the Wizards about a new contract, but Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reported that the Wizards would offer Webster a new deal Monday.

It remains unclear how much the Wizards' offer would be, which is obviously important. Washington can offer any portion of the mid-level exception, which starts at $5.15 million in the first year, but cannot offer more because they do not have normal Larry Bird rights on Webster.

Thomas Pruitt laid out the case for keeping Webster even after drafting Otto Porter here.