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2013 NBA Draft rumors: Washington Wizards 'split' on Otto Porter vs. Anthony Bennett?

Chad Ford's latest mock draft is out, and he's got some interesting news about the Wizards and their 3rd overall pick.

There's been a lot of talk among Wizards fans about who to pick with the 3rd overall pick in this year's draft. Some want the Wiz to trade down and get some immediate veteran help; others want to repeat the same success the team had last year in snatching up Bradley Beal. John Wall has said he wants the team to bring on a "stretch 4," and anyone who has watched the Wizards knows that they need more spacing and shooters.

In that way, it's heartening to know that this same debate is occurring among the Wizards' brass. They want to make sure the pick is utilized properly, and in Chad Ford's latest mock draft, it looks like the Wizards have narrowed it down to Georgetown's Otto Porter and UNLV's Anthony Bennett:

The Wizards are sitting pretty at No. 3. The two players they really like -- Porter and UNLV's Anthony Bennett -- are both on the board here. The need help at both the 3 and the 4, and sources say their front office is split between them. Porter's versatility and his ability to affect the game without shooting the ball are major plusses on a team that already has several starters who like to score the ball. Bennett's ability to stretch the floor as a 4 is also appealing, as is his upside. Aside from Noel, many NBA GMs believe Bennett might have the highest upside of anyone in the draft. This one could go down to the wire, but I'm giving the edge to Porter because of the questions marks around Bennett's injured shoulder.

Umair and Thomas engaged in "the Great Debate" about these two potential picks last week. There are good arguments for bringing either player onto the team. Each is also sure to have its drawbacks. As is always the case with rookies, it's difficult to tell what kind of impact they'll have right away and how they'll progress in the long term. But it's good to know the front office is taking this challenge seriously.

How do you want the Wizards to use their 3rd overall pick?