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Bullets Forever community NBA Draft board: Pick No. 10

We have reached the double-digit mark on the Bullets Forever Wizards draft board. Who are you taking?


Trey Burke is the No. 9 player on the Bullets Forever Wizards draft board. Here's what we have so far:

  1. Nerlens Noel
  2. Otto Porter
  3. Anthony Bennett
  4. Ben McLemore
  5. Victor Oladipo
  6. Alex Len
  7. Shabazz Muhammad
  8. Cody Zeller
  9. Trey Burke
Here's the vote for No. 10. To be clear: the 10 players in the poll are the next 10 players on Draft Express' Top 100 list. If you would prefer to vote for someone else, check the "Other" option and state your vote in the comments so it can be properly tallied.