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NBA Mock Draft 2013: Chad Ford suggests Otto Porter faction will win out in D.C.

ESPN's draft expert still has the Wizards taking Otto Porter, but he's less sure about it than before.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford's NBA Mock Draft 7.0 is up, and the pick is still Otto Porter, albeit less convincingly than before. Ford notes some other reports that suggest the Wizards will take UNLV's Anthony Bennett instead, saying that there are "two different factions" inside the front office, but that the Porter one will ultimately win out.

The constant that was Otto Porter has become less constant as several reports claim the Wizards now favor Anthony Bennett. I've heard both from inside the Wizards. Clearly, like most front offices in the league right now, there are two different factions. I continue to hear that Porter is the safer pick and better fits the team's culture and they will lean that way.

Porter has been Ford's choice for every mock draft since the lottery, but there's clearly a lot of support for Bennett, too. This one appears to be going down to the wire.

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