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NBA Mock Draft 2013: Wizards 'leaning towards' Otto Porter over Anthony Bennett, report says

Are the Wizards coming closer to making a decision on their top choice at No. 3 overall?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Chad Ford has updated his mock draft, and after repeatedly saying in the past that the Wizards were still debating between Otto Porter and Anthony Bennett, it appears the Wizards may be inching closer to taking the Georgetown product if he indeed falls to No. 3.

With so much up in the air in this draft, Porter to the Wizards at No. 3 remains a constant. He's appeared here in every mock and I think it's unlikely we move him. While the Wizards have a lot of interest in Anthony Bennett, sources say they are now leaning toward taking Porter at 3. He fits a need, fits their culture and is, like Oladipo, viewed as a sure thing by many NBA GMs and scouts.

A week ago, Ford reported that there was a "pretty strong debate" within the Wizards' front office about the merits of Porter vs. Bennett. Perhaps the Wizards are getting closer to making their final decision.

Ford's mock draft also extends to the second round, and he has the Wizards taking Erick Green at No. 38 and Erik Murphy at No. 54. This would please Umair and I greatly.

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