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Bradley Beal injury: Wizards' G will be cleared to resume basketball-related activities July 1

The Washington Post reports that Bradley Beal will be cleared on July 1st to participate in basketball-related activities, three months after his original stress injury diagnosis.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how we had that awesome draft pick this year? And remember how sad we all were when he busted his wrist? And remember how happy we were when he came back after it healed? Then remember how sad we were again after he busted his ankle and sat out the rest of the year?

Well good news is on the horizon! According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, rookie phenom Bradley Beal is expected to be cleared to resume basketball-related activities on July 1st. Yippee! From the report:

According to people with knowledge of the situation, Beal remains sidelined but is expected to be cleared [to participate in basketball-related activities] by July 1, nearly three months after doctors diagnosed a stress injury in his right fibula.

Three months is near the timetable it took John Wall to recover from his stress injury. The original diagnosis was an absolute minimum of six weeks.

With a return date of July 1, it doesn't look likely that the team would want to rush him back for Las Vegas Summer League--which starts 11 days later. It's not like he has something he needs to prove right now. He'd be one of those Summer Leaguers that unfairly schools everyone, kind of like Eric Bledsoe last year.

Both Beal and John Wall were invited to be part of Team USA minicamp in Las Vegas (jeez, why does the NBA love Vegas so much in the offseason... actually, nevermind. Got it.) from July 22-25. Lee also reports that Beal should be available to play then.

Here's to a speedy and healthy recovery!