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NBA Mock Draft 2013: Wizards' front-office remains divided on Otto Porter vs. Anthony Bennett

There is reportedly a "pretty strong debate" within the Wizards' front office between Georgetown's Otto Porter and UNLV's Anthony Bennett at No. 3 overall.

Not much has changed for the Washington Wizards in Chad Ford's latest NBA Mock Draft. Once again, the Wizards have a choice between Otto Porter (BF scouting report | scouting report) and Anthony Bennett (BF scouting report | scouting report). Once again, Ford has the Wizards taking Porter. Once again, Ford notes that the front office is divided on the issue.

There continues to be a pretty strong debate on this one inside the front office, and it might come down to risk aversion for the Wizards. Do they go with more of a sure thing (Porter) or gamble on the guy with more upside (Bennett)?

Ford suggests that both players remain in the mix for the Cavaliers at No. 1, but trail Nerlens Noel and Alex Len at this point. Bennett ends up going No. 4 to Charlotte in Ford's latest mock.

Draft Express also has the Wizards taking Porter, with Bennett falling No. 6 to the Pelicans.

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