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VIDEO: Anthony Bennett updated scouting report by Draft Express

In Draft Express' latest Anthony Bennett scouting report video, you see the massive contrast between his offensive skills and his lack of interest defensively.

Draft Express has come out with an updated Anthony Bennett scouting report video just 10 days before the 2013 NBA Draft. In it, you see the massive contrast between the offensive skills of the UNLV star and his complete lack of interest defensively, which makes him one of the most difficult prospects to project.

The questions GMs will be asking are the same you're probably thinking after watching this video. Are Bennett's tremendous physical skills and polished offensive moves worth living with his pathetic lack of defensive effort? Can the latter be fixed, or is he doomed to being a weak defender that only cares about his offense? Does his ability to put the ball in the hole make it easier to excuse his passing struggles?

I continue to be of the opinion that Bennett's defensive lapses are scarier than his offensive skills. I fear that he will turn out like several recent combo forwards that had great scoring ability, but lacked secondary skills. Where do you stand?

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