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2013 NBA Draft rumors: Washington Wizards will visit Victor Oladipo

The Wizards are planning to travel to Bowie to visit with Victor Oladipo before the draft, according to a report.

Joe Robbins

Despite already having Bradley Beal, the Washington Wizards appear to be taking a close look at Indiana's Victor Oladipo (BF scouting report | scouting report). The Wizards will travel to visit Oladipo, who is training in Bowie, before the June 27 draft, CSN Washington's J Michael reports.

The Wizards asked Oladipo to come to Verizon Center to work out, but he declined, instead giving them an invitation to come see him in Bowie, according to multiple reports. He is scheduled to work out with Cleveland later next week and visited with new Timberwolves president Flip Saunders on Friday, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

The Wizards appear to be considering Oladipo along with Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett and others, but his camp is skeptical that the Wizards will actually follow through and pick him with Beal already in the fold, according to Lee. Nevertheless, this is the second time the Wizards will speak to him, since they talked to him at the combine as well.

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