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Anthony Bennett injury: Impact of UNLV forward's left shoulder injury

The UNLV freshman sensation will be out up to four months after injuring the rotator cuff in his left shoulder, sidelining him from predraft workouts, draft combine, and Summer League.


Anthony Bennett, the highly touted freshman out of UNLV, suffered a rotator cuff injury in his left shoulder, which will presumably sideline him for the next 4 months. He'll be unable to participate in predraft workouts, the draft combine, and Summer League, per Chad Ford. He will undergo surgery Wednesday.

As Ford mentioned in his story, Bennett's injury should not hurt his draft stock too much, as GM's have a pretty solid grasp of what he brings to the table. Concerns about his position are superfluous to begin with, his game is largely predicated along the perimeter, and his poor defensive instincts obstructs him from guarding quicker NBA wings -- relegating him to the 4 position. While there's always something to prove during these workouts, it won't ever change an executive's assessment on a player in Bennett's position.

However, Bennett has had conditioning concerns in the past, he's often found coasting on the defensive end and tends to be sluggish getting back in transition, so this layoff could be problematic as he gets back into the swing of things once training camp rolls around.

Bennett's stock ranges anywhere from 3-8, and given the Wizards insistence on bringing in a stretch 4, you have to think the front office will take a long look at him.