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Countdown to the 2013 NBA Draft: Wizards trade targets, Southeast division

Today's edition of the Countdown: Bring it back to the home division and one of the more interesting trade targets available, the Orlando Magic.


The Southeast Division will be the shortest entry in the Draft Trade Target series, for a few obvious reasons which we'll get to nnnnnnnnnow.

The Miami Heat and the latest Big 3 are up first:

  • I've seen Chris Bosh pop up here and there. He is not being traded while LeBron James calls Miami home, but if he was, it wouldn't be for anything less than Nerlens Noel.
  • The Heat have nothing else to offer the Wizards. Although I remember someone suggesting we trade John Wall for Norris Cole, at one point. That's probably on the table.

Nothing doing, in terms of trade.

Finishing second last season, and preparing for a future without Josh Smith, are the Atlanta Hawks:

  • The Hawks are paying less for Al Horford than the Thunder are paying for Serge Ibaka. Along with Louis Williams and John Jenkins, that's who's on the books for 2012/13. Jeff Teague probably isn't going anywhere, but then again ... tens of millions of salary are off the payroll for Atlanta and this team can SPEND. People talk about the Mavericks and Rockets as teams on a mission this offseason, but Atlanta can become a serious contender. The Mike Budenholzer hiring is a fantastic move to that end.
  • Jenkins spent some time in the D-league and flashed an ability to hit from beyond the arc. And ... well, he played ~200 more minutes than Jan Vesely did. Strictly catch-and-shoot, for the nonce.
  • The Hawks pick at No. 17 and No. 18 this year. The No. 18 pick is courtesy of the Nets from taking Joe Johnson off their hands. So, if Danny Ferry wanted to, he could send out the 2013 No. 18 pick and 2014's first-rounder as well.
  • Williams might actually be kind of interesting ... you know, just to shake things up. Nah, I'd rather re-sign Martell Webster.

We've heard about the Wizards being done drafting, which likely precludes any deal with Ferry. The best the Hawks could do is send the Wiz the 2013 No. 18 pick and their 2014 first-rounder along with Jenkins (or Williams) for the 3rd pick and Trevor Ariza. Whether the Wiz are open to drafting another two young players or not, I don't think they're buying.

The Wizards are one of my favorite trade targets:

  • The Wiz sit tight.

The Wizards trade the No. 3 pick for Otto Porter at the 2013 NBA Draft. Or whomever you prefer.

Fourth place in the Southeast are the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets:

  • If there's a team that rivals the Wizards for draft futility ... oh, wait, there's a factor in common. Rich Cho, do your stuff.
  • The 'cats are targeting DeMarcus Cousins, according to Chad Ford. The Mavericks are in the running along with ... the Cavs. I have a feeling that if a trade gets done with the Kings, it will be Chris Grant who gets it done. But ownership morass, so ...?
  • Does Michael Kidd-Gilchrist look like Porter with athleticism but minus the playmaking? Is he available? Conversation over? Conversation over. (I'm aware that was an egregious and faulty oversimplification.)
  • For due diligence's sake, the Wiz don't want or need Kemba Walker. Bismack Biyombo is not worth anything approaching the No. 3 pick.
  • Man, Ramon Sessions would be nice. But there just isn't enough value to engage the Wizards without throwing in either MKG or their lottery pick this year.
  • Just need to toss out that there's practically no way Rich Cho drafts a small forward with MKG just cutting his teeth.

Ernie swaps the No. 3 pick (and whatever) for the No. 4 and Ramon Sessions, after sending up serious smoke signals for Alex Len. Porter or Anthony Bennett still on the board, plus "We're pleased to be able acquire an excellent backup for John Wall while getting the player we truly wanted." It feels like this could actually happen. Probably won't, though. I imagine Cho can live with Len or Bennett without having to sacrifice his backup point guard. Crazier things have happened, but too much value at 4 with taking whoever falls. Should Ben McLemore fall, things might get more heated.

Whole lotta high lottery in the Southeast, with the Orlando Magic rounding off the 2-3-4 trifecta:

  • It's options galore in the draft for Rob Hennigan and Co. Let's work off the assumption that Nerlens Noel is off the board along with swapping spots in the draft.
  • Orlando has quite a few assets that might be enough to turn the Wizards' collective head. Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless, Tobias Harris and Andrew Nicholson are all on their rookie contracts. Kyle O'Quinn and Doron Lamb should be available as filler. Assuming no one else outbids Orlando for O'Quinn's services coming off his second-round deal.
  • Of course, they're looking hard at Eric Bledsoe, according to reports.
  • For my money, any out-and-out trade starts with Vucevic on the premise that the Wizards look for a bridge between win-now and get young players for the core. There's a lot to like about this guy. Personally, if the Cavs get cute and Noel falls to the Magic, they trade Vucevic and Afflalo for Eric Bledsoe, the Clippers 2014 first rounder and Caron Butler's expiring deal (or what-have-you).
  • Vucevic wouldn't be enough to make a straight swap for the No. 3 pick go. At that point I'm looking towards Harkless or Harris, as I can't realistically consider Nicholson as a trade target without being able to rebound particularly well or truly stretch the floor as power forward. And/or 2014 first-rounder.

The Magic send Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris, and Doron Lamb for Chris Singleton, the No. 3 and No. 56 picks in the draft. What can I say, I'm a fan of former Milwaukee Bucks players. Again, this is supposing the Wizards make a concession in favor of win-now. It only represents a major win if Vucevic continues to improve, no certainty. Pretty sure this deal doesn't happen, but a lot of interesting theories you can pump out, from a slew of different angles.

Coming up next week: The Western Conference

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