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Alex Len injury: Maryland center to miss 4-6 months, changing many draft boards

The Maryland center has a stress fracture in his ankle and will miss 4-6 months. How does this affect the Wizards' draft board?


Alex Len, the University of Maryland center that was likely to be near the Washington Wizards' range if they didn't move up in the 2013 NBA Draft, will miss 4-6 months after undergoing surgery to fix stress fractures in his ankle, his agent told reporters.

From the sounds of it, this was not a new problem. In the press release, his agent said he was diagnosed with a partial stress fracture immediately after the season, one that featured him playing through ankle pain. Why Len waited this long to discover the larger problem is a mystery to me.

In any event, big men with foot serious ankle injuries are scary. It's not clear how much this will affect Len's stock, but not being able to participate in pre-draft drills and individual workouts will surely scare some teams away. This may take away one more prospect the Wizards would have wanted to take with their pick. Either that player is Len himself, or it's someone else that will go higher now that Len is likely dropping.

How does this affect your opinion of Len and his spot on the Wizards' draft board?