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Bradley Beal to get X-ray in 'next couple weeks' to determine stress injury status

Bradley Beal said he may not be cleared for at least another couple weeks from the stress injury he suffered


You'll recall CSN Washington's report earlier this week that Bradley Beal had yet to be cleared to return to baskeball-related activities despite being seven weeks removed from being shut down with a stress injury in his left fibula. J Michael asked Beal himself about his status at the draft lottery yesterday, and this was Beal's answer.

"I still haven't been cleared," Beal told CSN after he represented the Wizards at the draft lottery and secured the No. 3 overall pick for the June 27 draft. "It's been six weeks since I've done any basketball-related activities. In the next couple weeks or so I'm going to get another X-Ray and see if the fracture actually started closing and see if can get back out there. Until then I'm still rehabbing, lifting weights and refraining from any basketball activity."

The word "fracture" freaked me out upon reading the article. However, a Wizards spokesman told Bullets Forever that, much like John Wall did last December, Beal misspoke and did not mean to indicate that the bone was actually broken. Michael Lee asked Beal a similar question and put in "[stress reaction]" in the quote used in today's story.

Semantics aside, the injury itself will likely take over two months to heal, so it's serious enough. Wall's "stress injury" in his knee ended up sidelining him for over three months. Standard aches and bruises don't take this long to heel, so whatever one wants to call it, the effect is the same.

While it is the offseason, I'd feel much more comfortable if Beal was healed enough to be cleared soon.