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Bradley Beal still not cleared after stress injury, according to report

It's been nearly seven weeks and Bradley Beal still isn't cleared to return to basketball-related activities after shutting it down due to a stress injury in his right fibula.


Here's a report that could concern some people. Bradley Beal, who was shut down for the season due to a stress injury in his right fibula about seven weeks ago, has yet to be cleared to resume basketball-related activities, according to CSN Washington's J Michael.

He is supposed to abstain from activities for six weeks (42 days). Monday marks the 48th. The Wizards' athletic trainers must clear him first but they have not, a team official told CSN Washington.

You'll recall that Beal was dealing with injuries on both ankles prior to being shut down, both of which reportedly contributed to the fibula injury.

It's not the end of the world that Beal is past his timetable, of course. He has a whole offseason left, every player's body heals differently and it behooves the Wizards to make absolute sure his fibula is sound before letting him put pressure on it again. But it's still always a concern that an athlete is still injured past his initial timetable. The longer this lingers, the more it could potentially cut into Beal's offseason program.

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.