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Better know a 2013 NBA free agent: Pablo Prigioni

Our look at this year's free agents rolls on with the Knicks' point guard.


The Washington Wizards' salary-cap situation is murky, which means they probably won't make any big splashes in free agency. That said, there are some needs on this team that can be filled, so Ernie Grunfeld must look for bargains that can fit into the few exceptions the Wizards have to use. We'll explore all free agents that could take the mid-level exception or less in this ongoing series. Next up: Pablo Prigioni.

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Team: New York Knicks

Type: Restricted free agent.

This past year: Took a while to adjust to the NBA game, but thrived once he was inserted into the Knicks' starting lineup late in the season. He's a fine decision-maker and low-turnover player that became a nice little pest defensively in New York's small lineup. While he remained incredibly reluctant to shoot, he started to take those three-pointers when teams went underneath ball screens.

Why he's fit in well: He doesn't make mistakes and has proven that he can function with other ball-handlers. Despite not shooting much, he finds ways to be a playmaker in the pick and roll. His ability to pressure for the full 94 feet is valuable to a defense as well.

Why he might not: Prigioni barely looks to score on his own, and that's an issue on a team that lacks other threats off the bench. Prigioni's usage rate was 11.5 this year. That's microscopic. He passed out of wide-open layups and didn't attempt open threes despite shooting 43.5 percent from downtown on the year. He can get away with that on the Knicks because of all the other threats they have, but he can't get away with that elsewhere.

Likely price tag: The Knicks can match any NBA offer to him because he's a restricted free agent, but Prigioni will likely entertain big-money offers overseas.

Verdict: While Prigioni is a useful veteran, it might take too much money to keep him in the states. One would think it's either New York or overseas for him.