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Washington Wizards open to bringing Jason Collins back, but not a 'priority', according to report

Jason Collins' landmark decision to announce that he is gay prompted ESPN's Marc Stein to ask around the league about whether the impending free agent will have a job next year. All 14 of the clubs surveyed said it would depend completely on his on-court play.

But what about the Wizards? Stein reports that the team would consider bringing him back, but only after dealing with other matters:

Sources close to the situation said that the Washington Wizards, who acquired Collins in February in a trade with Boston, don't have the 7-footer as a free-agent priority as they head into the offseason but have interest in bringing him back depending on how their 2013-14 roster unfolds.

Collins would almost surely sign for the veteran's minimum next year, so it's understandable that he's low on the team's list of priorities. If it's late in the summer and he's still out there, though, I could understand the Wizards keeping him around.