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John Wall says Derrick Rose should sit out 2012-13 season

John Wall has weighed in on the popular debate about whether Derrick Rose should play this season. Speaking from experience (sort of), Wall told Chicago reporters that if he were in Rose's spot, he would have shut himself down already.

Via ESPN Chicago:

"I think the organization and the team understands how hard (Rose plays) and what he does for the city and the team, how hard he works and what he wants to bring back to that city," said Wall, whose Wizards play the Bulls on Tuesday. "So I think (based off) what he has already done, they would understand if he didn't come back.

"I feel like I were in the situation I wouldn't really (come back this year) because you don't have enough time to get into a rhythm. Then you get to the playoffs, D-Rose wouldn't be good for that team just playing 20 minutes a game. They're already a good team and good defensively, but to be even better he would have to play more minutes."

Wall noted how difficult it was for him to find his rhythm until March, when he got into game shape and was playing full games.