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Wizards vs. Bulls preview: Washington goes for 8 straight home wins

The Wizards host a banged-up Chicago Bulls team on Tuesday. A win would be Washington's eighth straight at home.


Can the Wizards win their eighth straight home game? They welcome the banged-up Chicago Bulls to try to do it.

Where and when? Tip off is at 7 p.m. in D.C.

Are they good? The Bulls have hung on valiantly without Derrick Rose all year, but recent injuries had caused them to slide a bit in March. Joakim Noah and Rip Hamilton won't play again tonight, and Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson are recovering from ailments they dealt with throughout March.

Nevertheless, the return of Hinrich and Gibson has helped them win four of five, including the famous win over the Heat to end their 27-game winning streak. Their March struggles may be a thing of the past.

Who's out? We'll see about Nene, but otherwise, the Wizards should be healthy. The Bulls will not have Noah or Hamilton, and they may not have Marco Belinelli either.

Why should I care? The Bulls are still the tough, defensive team that the Wizards hope to emulate, even without Rose. A win would make the Wizards feel good about where they're heading in the future.

What are they good at? Their defense fell off for a bit with Hinrich injured, but now that he's back to plug lanes and provide excellent ball pressure, the Bulls are stifling once again.

What are they bad at? Unless Nate Robinson goes off, this team lacks creativity at the guard spots. Luol Deng is solid and Carlos Boozer can score, but Jimmy Butler is essentially a 3/D guy and Hinrich is having one of the worst shooting seasons of his career.

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