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Wizards Wrap: Wrapping up another manic season

In this week's Wrap we, err, put a wrap on the Wizards' 2012-13 season, which didn't exactly go as planned, but per usual, gave us just enough to get excited about next year.


On a day when most of us are probably distracted by things way more important than basketball, if you feel the need for a diversion, feel free to comb through this weeks's Wrap, in which we'll try to put a nice, tidy bow on another manic, disappointing Wizards season:

  • Lots of goodies in these "end of season" stories. [Washington Post (Optimism, offseason outlook) | Washington Examiner (Report card, offseason ?s, Wittman's passion) | AP | CBS DC | Wiz of Awes | Wizards Extreme]
  • Several Wizards intimated in their exit interviews with the media that they'd rather the team not use its first-round draft pick and acquire a veteran instead. This would make Mike sad.
  • By the way, the Wiz have the eighth-best odds of winning the lottery after losing a coin flip to the Pistons today.
  • Still, don't expect to hear about Wall pleading with any veterans to come join the Wiz. [CSN Washington]
  • Here's some links to audio of said exit interviews. [District Sports Page]
  • And more on Wall's exit interview. [Truth About It]
  • If you haven't read James Herbert's profile of Wall, do it. Now. [SB Nation]
  • What were the Wizards' top 10 moments this season? [Wizards Insider]
  • Jason Reid pretty much nails it with this column about John Wall and how whether he deserves a max contract and whether he will get one are two different things. [Washington Post]
  • Wait a minute, do doctors expect Bradley Beal to grow another few inches? Because that would be amazing. [CSN Washington]
  • As expected, Wall and Beal dominate this video-list of the Wizards' top 10 plays of the season. Can you guys think of any plays that got snubbed? []
  • With Wall and Beal in tow, the Wizards appear to be as well-positioned as any team in this year's lottery to have a rebound season next year. [E$PN Insider]
  • Randy Wittman has been rightly praised for holding the team together through a horrific start to the season, but his tear ducts might deserve a share of the credit. [CSN Washington]
  • Sounds like Ted is on board with Wall's plans to keep both he and Martell Webster around. [CSN Washington]
  • BNIE asked the eternal question: Is there anything that could get Ernie Grunfeld fired?
  • We all knew Nene was hurting this season, but not so much that he actually contemplated retirement. Yikes. [CSN Washington]
  • The word 'Watergate' means one thing to 99.99999% of the United States. It means something else to the Wizards, even though they play about two miles from the real thing. [Truth About It]
  • Trevor Ariza came on strong for the Wiz towards the middle of the season, but battles injuries down the stretch and is focused on coming back healthy next season. [CSN Washington]
  • Beal says he wants a stretch four for next season. Which draft prospects fit that mold? [CBS DC]
  • Here's a draft profile of Cody Zeller, who will likely be available whenever the Wizards pick in the first round. [Wiz of Awes]
  • Not only was Marcus Smart's decision to return for his sophomore season probably a bad move financially, but it could also affect which prospects are available when the Wizards pick. [Washington Examiner]
  • If you like math, you'll enjoy this suggestion for how to revamp the NBA's draft lottery system. [Truth About It]
  • Rasheed Wallace has retired, which means that somehow Juwan Howard, who has to be pushing 80, is the last remaining ex-Bullet in the NBA. [CSN Washington]
  • Eddie Jordan-to-Rutgers is a done deal. [AP]
  • OK, so the DC Sports Bog has been on fire this week with the Wizards-related posts, so I decided to just group them all here at the end...
  • As pointed out by Dan Steinberg, our optimism that the Wizards will have a better season next year has become something of an annual tradition.
  • Bet you guys thought the Wizards lost all their swag with their Steez, but you'd be wrong.
  • Webster recently got a pedicure. Somehow that turned into two (brilliant) Bog posts. [Part I | Part II]
  • It didn't take much divination to conclude Jan Vesely wasn't exactly confident when he stepped to the free throw line this season, but who could have guessed he was downright petrified?
  • Congrats are in order for Emeka Okafor, who's expecting the birth of his first child next month.
  • I'm pretty sure the segway was invented so that Kevin Seraphin could one day ride one.
  • Garrett Temple grew up new New Orleans. He isn't a fan of the name "Pelicans."
  • We can officially add "filing taxes" to the long list of things people would rather do than watch the Wizards.