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BasketAmericain interviews Kevin Seraphin on his teammates, his coach, and his season

After the Wizards' Friday night loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Kevin Seraphin did a sit-down 1-on-1 interview with BasketAmericain's Arnaud Gelb--the only French-language beat writer for the team.

The interview is about 14 minutes long, and it's great to see an inside look at a guy like Seraphin: a big personality that doesn't get to shine too often in front of the cameras.

Here's a snippet of the interview:

BasketAmericain: This season, your role shifted up and down virtually every month: sixth man, starter, rotation player, and even left on the bench in February. In terms of confidence and emotion, how do you handle these changes?

Seraphin: My confidence has remained the same because I am someone who has a high self-confidence, but it is true that I have had ups and downs. As said, this is my first real full season in the NBA. During my rookie year, I didn't a lot. Last year, first there was the lockout, and then I didn't really start playing a lot until the end of the season. So this year was really the first time I had a specific role on the team where a lot was expected of me. I'm still learning and growing. My goal for next year will be to play a full season and be ready to get a spot in the playoffs.

Check out the full interview here (video and transcription both in French), and if you speak French or at least want a little bit of French in your Twitter timeline, give Arnaud a follow.