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Martell Webster injury: Wizards' forward admits his season could be over

Wizards forward Martell Webster discussed his injured abdominal and suggested that it's possible he will sit for the Wizards' final three games.


WASHINGTON -- Martell Webster spoke to reporters about his abdominal injury following the Wizards' loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday. In the interview, he was asked whether he would play in the Wizards' final three games of the season.

"I'm the type of person, in all means of life, that's going to exhaust every avenue before I decide to make a final decision," Webster said. "Where my mind is, where my focus is, we'll see how it feels [on Friday] and continue to do the rehab regimen that I've been doing. But I'm going to exhaust every avenue."

"Will it happen? I don't know," Webster added later. "I'm trying to exhaust every avenue until that point."

Webster said he's been playing through the injury since the Knicks came to Verizon Center on March 1. Prior to the Heat game, he was able to manage the pain well enough to play, but it became too much Wednesday.

"When my arms were moving faster than my legs, that was a sign that I didn't want to make it any worse. So I decided to come out," he said.

We'll find out more about Webster's status before Friday's game against the 76ers.