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Wizards vs Heat preview: Welcome back, LeBron James?

Can the Washington Wizards squeeze out one more victory over LeBron James and the Heat this year? Will James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all suit up?


It's always fun to watch LeBron James, even moreso when the Washington Wizards are able to show him up and grab an upset over whichever East-leading team he's on. Will they get another chance? The Heat are coming to town, though it's unclear whether James will be suiting up with the Heat having all but wrapped up the best record of the league.

Both teams are playing in the second game of back to backs and neither has much incentive to go all out tonight, so this should be one of the more unpredictable games of the season.

Where and when? Tip off is at 7 p.m. at the Verizon Center.

Are they good? Do you even need to ask?

Why should I care? The Wizards are playing against the Heat in April. Washington has rarely come out on top, but the games are always a ton of fun to watch.

Who's out? The Big Three as well as Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers are all considering resting for the playoffs listed as day-to-day, although only Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh didn't play last night. Bosh is unlikely to travel to D.C., but Wade did make the trip. Washington will definitely be missing Bradley Beal, while Trevor Ariza, Emeka Okafor and Trevor Booker are all listed as day-to-day.

What are they good at? Drivin' and kickin'. James and Wade can both get into the paint at will, with the added bonus of being able to destroy smaller defenders on post ups. Everyone else who doesn't play center is somewhere between passable (Norris Cole, even Chris Bosh) and an all-time great (Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis) when it comes to making threes. Add it all up and you have the second best offensive rating in the NBA despite only two players on the team capable of consisting making plays for others off the dribble.

What are they bad at? Rebounding. Miami is 26th in the NBA in offensive rebounding percentage and 24th in defensive rebounding percentage, largely as a result of playing so much small ball. Chris Andersen is helping a bit and Udonis Haslem has had something of a resurgence on the boards, but the Heat's lack of a true starting caliber center could handicap them against teams that get after it on the glass and/or feature large post players.

Has Father Time finally caught up with Juwan Howard? Apparently so. The 39-year-old former Bullet is averaging only six points per 36 minutes this year, his lowest scoring rate since 2008 when was only 34. And that's in very, very, very limited minutes.

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What are your predictions for tonight's game? Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll!