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An important site announcement

This is not not an April Fools joke.


I have an important announcement to make about the future of Bullets Forever.

As many of you know, this site has been around since 2006. Save for a three-month period in 2009 when I took a hiatus for school stuff, we've had the same people atop the masthead. That is now changing.

This is bittersweet for me, but I'd like to announce my departure as the editor of this site. I've covered this team for several years and it's been an incredible experience, but it's now time for me to pursue my true passion. To quote a famous sitcom character, "I want to be an actor." It was simply time for a career change.

I've thought long and hard about finding a replacement that will carry on the site with the proper passion, ethics and voice that's needed. After consulting with fellow staff members, I'm proud to announce the new editor of Bullets Forever.


While we certainly have different approaches, I've come to respect the devotion mae.jude has to the cause. The passion that has been displayed in the comments section is a perfect fit for what we are looking for with an SB Nation site manager. I'm confident that the community will welcome mae.jude with open arms and help usher in a new era for this great community.

Here's to Bullets Forever 2.0!


(Yes, this is an April Fools post. Cheers to BNIE for the idea).