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John Wall admits he sees the criticism

Washingtonian has a full spread on John Wall in the March edition of their magazine. The piece, authored by Edward G. Robinson III, a journalist that covered Wall in high school, reveals few new nuggets, but is a good read nonetheless. Practically speaking, this quote was most important to me:

This is why Wall believes he can help the Wizards-he's already conquered his fear and anger, already delivered himself from a deep hole. After two solid but not showstopping pro seasons, he hears the whispers about whether he's the player to guide the team.

"I like it," Wall says. "That's motivation for me.

"Everybody is looking at me like, ‘Well, his first two seasons was the same. Can he be a franchise savior?' I see it on ESPN all the time. ‘Is he a franchise player? Would you trust him with your team?' I know I would trust myself with this team."

Those that follow Wall closely know a lot of the details surrounding his background, but the piece does a nice job tying them in to the present. Go check it out.

(As first spotted by PrimeTimeMitch).