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Flip Saunders told Ted Leonsis to 'clean out some of that knucklehead'

Former Washington Wizards coach, current ESPN analyst and potential future Minnesota Timberwolves GM Flip Saunderswas on ESPN 980 the other day, and he told Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro that he was vocal with Ted Leonsis about the need to "clean out some of that knucklehead." A transcript, via DC Sports Bog:

"I was a proponent from day one of changing that whole atmosphere. Having been in situations where we had success in both Detroit and in Minnesota, we didn't have that... When I was there, I made my feelings pretty well known. And actually when I left - and had meetings with Ted Leonsis when I left - I pretty much said the same thing: that the team is not gonna take any type of steps until you clean out some of that knucklehead - like you said - the knucklehead factor and get everyone more on the same page."

Saunders has said some of these things before, but never so specifically. He also strongly implied that the decision not to suspend Andray Blatche when he refused to go back in after Saunders chewed him out during a March, 2010 game was not his call.

Check out the full transcript, it's interesting stuff.