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Beal, Nene, Webster, Price and Ariza all out for Wizards tonight

WASHINGTON -- What was once thought a fairer fight with Marc Gasol out for the Grizzlies has turned into an endurance match for Washington.

Before the game, Randy Wittman was asked about the health of his roster, and he reported that Bradley Beal, Martell Webster, A.J. Price and Trevor Ariza would all be out for the game. He also noted that Nene would likely be out as well with what was described as "weak"-ness in his knee.

Wittman said this is an opportunity for a lot of the guys on the team that haven't been part of the core rotation, and he also said that everyone's going to need to "step up" tonight. That's probably an understatement, though it'll be interesting to see who plays and for how long. Wittman also mentioned that John Wall's minutes wouldn't be restricted tonight; so let's keep an eye on how long he plays.

We'll keep you posted if we hear any additional information or if anything changes. But strap in for a tough fight, Wiz fans.