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Antawn Jamison reflects on his final days with the Wizards

Back in 2010, Antawn Jamison reportedly wanted nothing more than to escape the tumultuous Washington Wizards and go to a contender. The Wizards granted his wish and sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which did not work out as anticipated.

Now, three years later, Jamison is preparing to do battle with the Wizards as a member of the Lakers, and he's in a reflective mood about his time in D.C. In an interview with Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Jamison admitted that he should have stuck it out with the Wizards instead of asking for a trade. He also implied that the organization should have been more patient in responding to all the turmoil in 2010.

"If one or two incidents would not have happened, that organization would be totally different. Which two incidents, I couldn't tell you," said Jamison, who has been reunited with Jordan, a Lakers assistant. "Our problem was outside distractions dictated the future of that organization. If we would've kept the reins a little tighter, if we would've done things the way it was supposed to be done, that organization would be one of the top organizations of having that consistency, eight or nine years still making the playoffs and contending. I truly believe that. One or two incidents started everything over."

I would think that the two incidents were the Gilbert Arenas gun saga and the firing of Eddie Jordan, but it's also possible Jamison is speaking about things that never got reported.