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Wizards Wrap: John Wall wants the max, and Martell Webster is awesome

Following a two-week hiatus, the Wrap is back. This week, John Wall thinks he's worth a max contract, Martell Webster is awesome, and Andray Blatche is not.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Wrap is back after taking a two-week break. First off, we'd like to introduce Satchel Price, the newest member of the Bullets Forever team. Satchel already writes for SB Nation NBA, and now will be helping us cover the Wizards. You can follow him on Twitter at @Satchel Price, and I expect all you barbarians to play nicely. We might just fool him into thinking we're a civilized lot.

  • As for this week's Wrap, we'll begin with the latest from BNIE, who reminds us all what sports fandom is really about, and to whom the victory in Phoenix meant so much more than it did to the rest of us. I think we speak for all of Wizards Nation in wishing Pappa BNIE all the best in his fight against a despicable nemesis.
  • John Wall has been telling a bunch of people lately that he thinks he's worth a max contract. Not sure if all these interviews were calculated by Wall's camp or if it was just a matter of reporters jumping on the same story at the same time, but here's a roundup of coverage and reaction: [Mike | Grantland | Washington Post (story, Mike Wise column, reader reaction) | E$PN Insider | Truth About It | Wiz of Awes | CSN Washington]
  • Last week Andray Blatche said he'd be willing to take less money from the Nets just so it would make the Wizards have to pay him some more of that sweet amnesty coin. As you might imagine, people had thoughts on this: [Us | Andrew Sharp | NY Daily News | DC Sports Bog | Yahoo! Sports | The Basketball Jones]
  • Betcha didn't think Martell Webster could get any more awesome. Well, you'd be wrong. Honestly, how great is this guy? [DC Sports Bog]
  • Wait a minute, since when has Webster been going by 'Marty?' These are the kind of scoops that we at BF can't afford to miss! But seriously, the Wizards press corps could take some pointers from the team's Junior Reporter, like how to be adorable and professional at the same time. It's a tough combo to pull off... [Monumental Network]
  • Alright, we can only take so much Awesome Martell in one sitting. [Truth About It | DC Sports Bog]
  • So yea, is it really a question whether the Wizards should bring Webster back next season? [Truth About It |Wizards Insider | Washington Examiner | Wizards Extreme | Saving The Skyhook]
  • If nothing else, keeping him around might help fans forget Ernie's other failed 'rehab projects.' [Wizards Extreme]
  • Be sure to check out the latest Wizards XTRA podcast.
  • Getting back to Wall for a second, he had a pretty good month, and an even better March 10-16.
  • Trevor Booker has been getting more burn lately, and by-and-large he's earned his keep. [Washington Examiner]
  • So the Wizards aren't making the playoffs this year (SPOILER ALERT!!), but this season hasn't been a total loss. [Rant Sports]
  • You can count D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray as about the only person in human existence who doesn't want the Wizards to change their name. I might be overstating this, but I might not, either. [DC Sports Bog via 106.7 The Fan]
  • The NCAA Tournament is in full swing, which means there's a bunch of intriguing NBA prospects to watch. Here's some breakdowns of the best ones for Wizards fans to keep an eye on. [Us | Wizards Extreme | CSN Washington (West & Midwest regions | East & South regions)]
  • Might it be a good thing that the Wiz are rising in the standings (and thus falling in the draft lottery)? [Blog So Hard Sports]
  • Who doesn't want to watch Booker and Garrett Temple break down their own brackets in somewhat exhaustive detail? [Round One (Part I, Part II) | Round Two (Part I, Part II) | Sweet 16 | Elite 8/Final 4/ Finals]
  • The stat geeks among us should check out this post on the AD Corollary and how it applies to the Wiz. Don't worry, I was confused, too. [Wizards XTRA]
  • You know what's been missing from this Wrap? A Jason Collins feature, that's what!! [Wizards Insider]
  • Antawn Jamison has had a pretty good NBA career. But he's still chasing a ring. [Washington Post]