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Bradley Beal injury update: Wizards will monitor throughout 'next couple days'

It remains to be seen how long Bradley Beal will sit after reinjuring his ankle in the Wizards' 88-79 win over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. Randy Wittman did confirm that Beal's ankle "turned over," but that's about it.

"Bradley gets hurt again, the same ankle again. We'll have to see where he is in the next couple days," Wittman said.

John Wall didn't have any update on Beal's status either, but he noted that the injury especially stinks because Beal was not completely healthy even after he returned to the lineup.

"It was tough because, even when he came back, he was fighting, still dealing with it. You could tell," Wall said. "Coming off pick and rolls and dribbling, he couldn't really explode like he wanted to."

It does make you wonder if it makes more sense to sit Beal for a significant amount of time rather than try to rush him back for the end of the year. Coaches like seeing players learn how to deal with nicks and bruises, but it seems like this injury has gotten beyond that stage.

(Quotes from SB Nation's credentialed Suns blogger Kristopher Habbas via email and Monumental Network).