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John Wall on an unprecedented four-game streak

John Wall has just wrapped up the best week of his career and, statistically, one of the better weeks in three decades.


As noted in our recent feature on John Wall, we asked on Twitter during Friday's game against the New Orleans Hornets for the last time Wall had put together such a dominant three-game streak. The consensus from you all was that he hadn't.

Well, turns out you were right. As noted by Michael Lee of The Washington Post, not only has Wall's now four-game streak been the best of his career, but in some ways the best four-game streak since the the NBA's adoption of the three-point line:

In leading the Wizards to a 3-1 record, Wall averaged 24 points, 11 assists, five rebounds and two steals, while shooting 61.6 percent from the field (37 for 60), 80 percent from three-point range (4 for 5) and 85.7 percent from the free throw line (18 for 21).

Little research is needed to find a better or similar span in his career, because the statistical marks Wall met have never been duplicated by any NBA player since the three-point era began in 1979-80.

And there you have it. At the very least, such numbers should put Wall in strong consideration for Eastern Conference Player of the Week, an award no Wizards player has claimed in five years. The last to do it was Antawn Jamison in 2008, coincidentally for the week of March 10-16. How would that be for symmetry?

In truth Wall has had a pretty sparkling month, with averages of 19.6 points on 53.1 percent shooting (including 5-for-10 from three-point range), 8.1 assists and 4.6 rebounds.

But as impressive as those numbers are, equally as important has been Wall's care of the ball. Randy Wittman credited Wall after the Hornets game with playing at a better pace, and did so again following the Suns game. Translated, that means in part that Wall has been playing under more control lately, as evidenced by his assist-to-turnover ratio. For the season, Wall has averaged a poor 2.14 assists per turnover. But in his last four games, he has 44 assists to just 12 turnovers for an excellent 3.7:1 ratio, a nearly two-to-one improvement which Lee notes would rank third in the NBA if extrapolated across an entire season.

"He's getting better and better. And his jumper is coming along, for sure. He's even hitting threes, too. So he's put it all together," rookie Bradley Beal said. "He's going to be very hard to stop soon. He's just terrific. He has guys around him who are able to make shots as well and create plays just as well as he can. And with him and the things he's capable of doing, it just makes everyone so much better."