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Wizards vs Suns recap: Webster drops 34 as Washington buries Phoenix, 127-105

Martell Webster scored a career-high 34 points as the Washington Wizards crushed the Phoenix Suns.

Rob Carr

What a game. The Washington Wizards blew out the Phoenix Suns, 127-105 in front of an enthusiastic Verizon Center crowd. Every Wizards that took the floor had a good game. Martell Webster was particularly brilliant, scoring a career-high 34 points while battling back and forth with former Minnesota teammates Wesley Johnson and Michael Beasley. Bradley Beal also looked good in his first game back since spraining his ankle against the 76ers, hitting a couple of threes and recording the block of the night when he chased down a Jared Dudley layup.

  • Washington looked OK out of the gate. The defense wasn't quite as tight as usual, but the Wizards made up for it with a couple of buckets in the paint. JO peaked when Nelly had a career and neither Morri does much to protect the rim. Okafor and even Martell Webster were able to repeatedly take advantage of Phoenix' lack of size around the basket.
  • Beal checked in late in the first to a nice ovation. Shortly thereafter he hit a three which was answered by two Phoenix buckets at the rim. Wittman called time, but whatever he said didn't seem to register as the Suns jumped out to a two point lead at the end of the quarter, 29-27.
  • JO and Beasley aren't physical enough to guard Seraphin and Nene at the same time, yet Phoenix kept things close by hitting a couple of jumpers. Despite improved play from Wall and Nene, the Wizards were only up three, 46-43, at the six minute mark in the second quarter.
  • Beasley went off in the second quarter. He hit multiple jumpers and completely posterized Nene at one point. Of course, in typical B-Easy fashion he had to celebrate just a little too flamboyantly and was promptly whistled for a technical foul.
  • Wall had a monstrous fastbreak dunk, rammed his shoulder into Beasley's chest, and Hunter's outrage led to another technical foul for Phoenix. These teams are playing like it's game seven of the finals despite the fact that neither has had a realistic shot at making the playoffs since, oh, maybe December. I wouldn't be surprised if a fight breaks out tonight.
  • Washington led 66-59 at halftime. Martell Webster had 17 points, Okafor 11 and Nene 10, while Beasley had 16 off of 6-7 shooting for Phoenix. This has been a wild game full of hustle and trash-talking which is kind of funny since both teams are only playing for pride at this point. The Verizon Center crowd is relatively small but has been loud due to a combination of the great basketball and numerous great sequences featuring mascots during timeouts. Fans may or may not have gotten free lunch boxes, too.
  • Wall and Okafor led Washington as the Wizards got their lead up to 19, 90-71, before Phoenix called time with 5:21 left in the third. Washington's offense has looked sharper than usual and Phoenix' defense has been somewhere between bad and non-existant.
  • John Wall really has been phenomenal tonight. He's shooting very well and, at least for the last few nights, has been as dominant in the halfcourt as he is in transition.
  • Beal had an insane block on Jared Dudley toward the end of the third quarter. He chased him down in the half-court and practically spiked the ball.
  • He's not someone who should start for a good team, but Goran Dragic can really play. I don't think people realize just how athletic he is.
  • At one point Washington had made two thirds of their 21 three point attempts. Thank Webster, Beal and Temple, who combined to hit 13.
  • The fourth quarter was uneventful. Washington scored a lot, Phoenix scored a little, and Washington held on for the win. The only thing you could really criticize about the end of the game is that Wall was re-inserted into the lineup toward the middle of the period despite the Wizards having a 20 point lead.