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Shaun Livingston critical of Wizards' organization

Former Washington Wizards point guard Shaun Livingston has found a home in Cleveland as the backup (and now starter) to Kyrie Irving. Livingston had a second stint with the Wizards prior to signing in Cleveland, but he was ineffective and was released in late December. The Cavaliers picked him up and have reaped the benefits.

Recently, Livingston was critical of the Wizards' organization, suggesting it had "a lack of structure from an organizational standpoint."* On the day of his first game against Washington since, he elaborated a bit on those comments. Via Michael Lee:

"The structure, system wasn't's tough to elaborate without really going overboard," Livingston said. "It's just sometimes I think I work a little better with more structure and the personnel, sometimes you play better with certain guys that put you in position to succeed and I wasn't necessarily able do that for the team. I don't think my skill set was being utilized to help guys. For whatever reason. I can't put the blame on the coaches. Sometimes the players and chemistry didn't fit as well."

Later, he said that while he liked the Wizards' coaches, he noted that "sometimes it takes both management and the coaching staff to be on the same page."

Was that a shot at Wizards' GM Ernie Grunfeld, who released him? Was that a fair observation at the general atmosphere in D.C.? Or is it just sour grapes that Livingston walked into a team that lacked its most important players and was forced to play a role he couldn't play?

*: I searched around and never found that quote, outside of Lee's story today, so if anyone knows where it came from, please post it in the comments.