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Jan Vesely desperately searches for confidence

It's hard not to feel for Jan Vesely on some level after reading Michael Lee's feature story in the Washington Post today. In it, Vesely admitted that he's struggled mentally with his benching and has sometimes not been as ready to play as he should have.

My favorite line, though, came from A.J. Price:

"The only part of his game that he's struggling, is mental. Has nothing to do with his skills," said Price, who had a long talk with Vesely before a recent shoot-around. "I was just trying to tell him to find something - a safe haven, almost - and say, ‘I'm going to play for that.' I told him play for his girl. I know that's one person I see him all the time with."

Whatever works, you know.

The bigger issue: Vesely just doesn't seem to be as good a player as the Wizards thought when they picked him so high in the draft.