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John Wall: Some old teammates 'didn't want me to succeed'

There's a pretty stunning nugget at the end of Jason Reid's latest column on Bradley Beal in the Washington Post. Take it away, John Wall (emphasis mine):

Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld deserves some credit for creating a good environment for Beal. Wall's development suffered because of unprofessionalism in the locker room. "When I came in . . . some of my teammates didn't want me to succeed," Wall said.

Grunfeld finally cleaned out the locker room.

"Now, you have a guy like Emeka [Okafor], who has been to the playoffs, Nene, who has been to the playoffs, and Trevor [Ariza], who has won a championship. They know what it takes," Wall said. "Now, all of us here want everybody to succeed. That's a big difference."

Of course, given that Grunfeld was the same person that brought in all of the teammates that supposedly didn't want Wall to succeed, I'm not sure how much credit he should get.

I wonder who those teammates were. Anyone want to play the guessing game?