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Wizards Wrap: Everyone's loving them some John Wall

Who wants an early seat back on the John Wall Bandwagon? Everyone.


Remember that John Wall guy, the No. 1-overall draft pick that according to everyone who doesn't watch Wizards games has been oh-so-disappointing in his young NBA career? Well, turns out the guy might actually be decent at this whole 'basketball' thing. Can you tell I get bitter over this stuff? Let's just get to this week's reads:

  • OK, so I'm going to kickoff today's Wrap by cheating a bit. This excellent piece on Wall's impact was technically published last Friday, but not until after last week's Wrap was finished, so Mike shoved it in near the bottom. Still, I think it deserves to be featured at the top, so we'll make amends here. Great read. [HoopChalk]
  • Michael Lee asked both Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd about Wall, and their answers were as awesome as you'd expect. John Calipari chimed in too, so whatever. [Washington Post]
  • More Wall luvin', this time from Rob Mahoney, who breaks down how one play against the Knicksdemonstrates Wall's still-monstrous potential. [The Point Forward]
  • Even the big boys as ESPN are noticing the effect Wall has had since his return. [TrueHoop]
  • By the way, if you missed Jake's own statistical analysis on Wall's impact, check it out.
  • Martell Webster has been nothing short of a bargain this season, and makes this list of the five most cost-effective players in the NBA. Two ex-Wizards made it as well. One is obvious, while the other might surprise some people. [ESPN In$ider]
  • And Emeka Okafor appears on this list as a top-5 interior defender, while another ex-Wizard ranks at the very bottom. What's with all the love from The Network recently? [ESPN In$ider]
  • Not technically Wizards-related, but just a magnificent story by Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post remembering local hoops legend Jamar Board, who died Dec. 29 in an apparent suicide. [Washington Post]
  • UPDATE: So. Much. STEEZ. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Just a wonderful FanPost by Llamaman on why he hasn't given up on Kevin Seraphin.
  • I know what you're thinking: How might the Apostles have chronicled Wall's shooting woes? Thankfully, the Internet specializes in such questions. [Wizards Extreme]
  • It wouldn't be a proper Wrap without a deliciously-detailed update on Jan Vesely from TAI's Czech correspondent, Lukas Kuba. [Truth About It]
  • Tickets to a Wizards game were recently featured as a prize on Wheel of Fortune, and Twitter reacted accordingly. [DC Sports Bog]
  • You'd be forgiven if you didn't notice Rasheed Wallace on the Knicks bench Wednesday night, but don't worry, plenty of other people made note of the ex-Bullet for you. [Wizards Insider | Wizards Extreme | Ball Don't Lie]
  • Would you do either of these trades? [Blog So Hard Sports]
  • For those that missed Stan Van Gundy's thoughts on the Wizards, they're worth checking out. [CSN Washington |Ball Don't Lie]
  • Is Blake Griffin the Wizards' newest archvillain? [Truth About It]
  • These technically aren't good reads, but both Randy Wittman and Wall had went on 106.7 The Fan this week to talk about the Wizards' recent (relative) success. [Wittman | Wall]
  • Frank Hanrahan hands out his midseason grades for the Wizards by position. [Guards | Small forwards | Power forwards | Centers]
  • Good stuff on Bradley Beal trying to work himself back into game shape for tonight's contest against the Nets. [Washington Examiner]
  • Beal won't be the only Wizards participating in All-Star Weekend. So what if it's an assistant coach, I'm counting it damnit!! [Ball Don't Lie]
  • Where's Beal rank among the NBA's 19-year-olds? [ESPN]
  • Whoa, could this year's Dunk Contest actually be fun? [The Point Forward]
  • Which of the top prospects in the 2013 NBA Draft makes the most sense for the Wiz? [ESPN]