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Is Randy Wittman failing? Watch the throne.

The Wizards have seen their fortunes turn south yet again, thanks in part to an offense losing the ball movement that carried it to success. Direct all eyes to Randy Wittman.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Break through the layer of education and attendant logic of your average citizen and you arrive at a solid base of folk wisdom. A lot of what you may call gut or instincts has its roots in a pithy truism you identify with. So when I see a lot of freelancing Wizards on the offensive side of the ball, I see a loss of faith in Randy Wittman's system.

Ted recently talked about improved optics in the locker room, and whatever else Ernie Grunfeld has done, there is a reputable veteran presence on the team, so this trouble is nothing we can readily attribute to character issues. Which leaves one way to point the finger.

It is Randy Wittman's job to get and sustain team buy-in to his system and if the freelancing trend continues, he will not be long for the head coach's seat. Though, of course, Ted continues to retain a 20-year GM who has yet to draft an impact player (who isn't a SG) as the architect of his rebuild which is supposedly predicated on quality draft selections. Who can be sure what the owner will do?

Nevertheless, Randy has done a fantastic job holding the team together during crippling adversity, and it would be a shame to see things end in such a way. I have bizarre faith he can address this issue in the inimitable fashion that has so endeared him to the media and find a workable solution for the offense more comprehensive than the small-ball lineup that sealed the deal against the Clippers.

If not? As usual, Randy says it best. Human nature's a bitch.