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Randy Wittman: Ball movement is the focus

WASHINGTON -- The emphasis for tonight's game against the Clippers, according to Randy Wittman? Getting better ball movement.

"This team has to play a style of play that's conducive to all five guys playing together. As I told these guys after the San Antonio game, we don't have that player that we're going to say, 'Give the ball to, and give us 35 tonight and carry us.' That's not a knock on them. It's just the makeup of our team," Wittman said. "When we play that way, we're very good and we can compete. But when we don't, we try to do too many things like, 'I'm going to take over and carry the team,' we get ourselves in trouble."

I asked Wittman why the team gets away from moving the ball, and he gave a classic quote in response:

"Human nature's a bitch," he said. "It happens. You get feeling good about yourself. Maybe you get loose, or something, I don't know why you're feeling good about yourself."