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Ed Tapscott named as potential NBA Players Association successor

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File this one away for later:'s David Aldridge suggests Ed Tapscott as one of three potential NBA Players Association executive directors once Billy Hunter's tenure inevitably ends:

Tapscott, the Wizards' Director of Player Development, has been on every side of the labor-business battle over the last three decades, on all sides. He has been a team executive (the initial COO of the Charlotte Bobcats, who was directly responsible for building the Time Warner Cable Center, and former GM of the Knicks). He has been a coach, serving as the Wizards' interim coach in 2010.

But he was also a former player agent, for the late Lee Fentress' Advantage International. And he is an attorney. There isn't anyone who is a quicker study and more able to break down complex issues than Tapscott.

Keep in mind that this is just an idea from Aldridge's head. Nevertheless, DA holds clout, so you never know.