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Bradley Beal injury: Wizards' rookie says he won't rush back

Don't hold your breath expecting Bradley Beal to return to the court anytime soon. In an interview with Michael Lee of the Washington Post prior to Saturday's loss to the Spurs, Beal declared his intentions to be patient with his injured wrist:

"I'm not going to rush back. Going to take my time and wait until it heals," Beal said. "It's always because the type of kid I am, it takes a lot for me not to play. If I'm hurt or not. But I have to be smart now. But if I want to have a long career and just finish the season out strong, I have to take care of my body more than anything. It's real tough, but I'm still cheering my teammates on."

Beal did indicate his desire to actually represent the team in the February 15 Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star weekend, so that might be a good indicator of when he'll end up coming back and playing.