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How much credit does John Wall get for Bradley Beal's emergence?

CBS Sports' Zach Harper had an interesting piece today noting the impact of John Wall on Bradley Beal's improvement. As Harper noted, Beal is shooting 49 percent on threes this season with Wall on the court, as opposed to 35 percent with him not in the game. He also dug into the numbers deeper:

In the first 33 games of the season, Beal was assisted on 95.5 percent of his corner 3-pointers and 85.7 percent of his above-the-break 3-point makes. Since Wall's return, every single 3-pointer Beal has made has been assisted. Every single one. Fourteen of Beal's 32 made 3-pointers have been assisted by Wall directly, and 26.5 percent of his made shots overall have been assists from Wall since the point guard's return. Previously, Jordan Crawford and Price were tied with assisting Beal on 11.1 percent of his makes before the turnaround.

Is the case so clear-cut, though? As blog friend Kevin Broom noted on Twitter, Beal's shooting percentages with A.J. Pricein the game since January 1 have been essentially the same as with Wall in the game. (Here are charts to prove it). The sample size is small in either case, but it at least makes one wonder whether it's fair to attribute Beal's jump completely to Wall's return.

My take: both sides have fair points. Beal was starting to get better before Wall returned, but Wall's presence has helped clarify roles and make everyone play more within their comfort zone, which has also helped Beal tremendously.