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Nene struggled with shoulder pain vs. Raptors

In a season of bumps and bruises for Nene, you can apparently add one more to the list. Via Michael Lee's recap of Monday's win over the Raptors:

Nene shook his head as he peeled off an ice pack from his right shoulder that was so sore that he struggled to lift it above his head after the Washington Wizards' 90-84 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Monday night.

Laughing to himself with befuddlement, Nene had no explanation for how he carried the Wizards in the fourth quarter despite a sharp pain that forced him to wince after every made basket or free throw.

This might explain why Nene was so quiet prior to the fourth quarter. Hopefully, this is just the normal pain players have after games and not the sign of any sort of future injury.