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Wizards nearly traded Trevor Ariza for Caron Butler, according to report

This qualifies as a David Aldridge bomb:

L.A. and Washington had a done deal Wednesday night that would have sent forward Trevor Ariza to the Clippers in exchange for Caron Butler, giving L.A. a long, defensive-oriented body to throw at the likes of Kevin Durant in the playoffs. (Butler, who still has an offseason home in the D.C. area, and who was loved by the locals, didn't have a problem returning to a non-Arenas Wizards locker room. He'd have been welcomed back as a much-needed offensive option, according to sources.)

But sources indicated that Clippers owner Donald Sterling nixed the deal Thursday morning, not wanting to gamble on the team's chemistry being affected in any way down the stretch.

Butler and Ariza have similar contracts for the same length. Would you have wanted Caron Butler to come back to D.C.? This certainly is very intriguing. I'm honestly not sure what to think about this one.