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Wizards vs. Raptors preview: Rudy Gay leads surging Raptors against Washington

A week after the Raptors forced John Wall into one of his worst career performances at home, Washington and Toronto face off again north of the border.


Where, When and What Channel: The game will start at 7 p.m. EST at the Air Canada Centre. You can watch it on Comcast SportsNet.

What happened the last time these two played: John Wall had an awful performance, Jordan Crawford threw his jersey into the crowd in his final game as a Wizard, and the shot clock broke.

How are the Raptors doing with Rudy Gay? So far, Toronto has to be pleased with what they've gotten from Gay from a team output perspective: The Raptors are 7-3 since he arrived, with two wins over the Knicks, a win over the Clippers and a win over the surging Washington Wizards to their credit. On the flip side, Rudy Gay is taking up more possessions with the Raptors than he did with the Grizzlies and he's using them even less efficiently. His turnovers have gone down since joining the Raptors, but his shooting percentages have gone down and his assist rate has remained flat.

Enough about Rudy Gay, how is Andrea Bargnani doing? By all accounts, everyone in Toronto seems to love him.

Are there any notable moments in Wizards-Raptors history I'm forgetting about? Well, there was that one game with Morris Peterson. And then there was that other game with Anthony Parker. If there was anything worse than that in the annals of Wizards-Raptors history, I'm sure we would have found a way to delete from our collective memories.

Is there any other reason I shouldn't like the Raptors? In November, the Raptors waived Dominic McGuire.