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John Wall explains the game-sealing jump shot

WASHINGTON -- John Wall's postgame interviews can be full of cliches, but every so often, he is really good at breaking down specific plays. Following tonight's 119-113 win over the Denver Nuggets, Wall went into great detail about what he saw on the game-sealing jump shot with 13.9 seconds remaining.

Here's video of the play for those who missed it:

Now, I'll cede the floor to Wall:

"I think they were so worried about Nene. I was doing a great job coming off picks, and our bigs were doing a great job of setting screens and getting open. I had been finding them with pocket passes [all game]," Wall said. "I think they had a miscommunication and ran to him. So I was open and I had to take the shot."

I noticed that the Wizards began the play with 12 seconds on the shot clock, which seemed early in a situation where you want to burn as much clock as possible, so I asked Wall why he initiated the play then.

"We kind of knew they were switching [the screen]. If they switched and put a big on me, we were going to try to swing it to Nene in the post and make sure we had enough time to get that through," he said. "But they didn't switch and I hit the shot."

Hitting a jump shot can be an adventure for Wall, of course, but this time, he knocked it down and sealed a big win.