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NBA trade rumors: Jordan Crawford on Boston Celtics' radar, according to report

A report suggests that Jordan Crawford is on the Boston Celtics' "radar." Project 2012 first-round pick Fab Melo would be the main piece coming back.


We finally have a rumored trading partner in the ongoing Jordan Crawford sweepstakes: the Boston Celtics. Via ESPN's Chris Broussard:

As noted in the J.J. Redick rumor, Broussard's track record isn't all that great in these situations. But this rumor at least seems more plausible than Redick. The Celtics have been rumored to be after guard help even though they already have Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, Jason Terry and, eventually, Rajon Rondo, and we all know that Crawford is very available right now.

That said, I'd be disappointed in only getting Fab Melo for Steez. Melo is a project big man that has barely done anything this year, both in Boston and in the NBA Developmental League. The Wizards already have plenty of project big men on their roster. Adding another is pointless.

But of course, this is the central problem with dealing Crawford. Not only is his value so low, but he also makes just $1.2 million this year, making it difficult to get equal value while also matching salary.

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