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NBA trade rumors 2013: Your deadline-day open thread

Use this place to discuss all the NBA trade rumors of the day.


NBA trade deadline day has come, folks. At 3 p.m. today, every player can stop worrying about whether they are going to relocate to another zip code. If recent history is any indication, prepare for the unexpected when it comes to the Washington Wizards. They've made big moves within the last 24 hours before the deadline in three of the last four years, including last year's 3 p.m. stunner with Nene.

The two big rumors so far: Josh Smith and Jordan Crawford. The Wizards' interest in Smith was pretty much dead yesterday, and Michael Lee of the Washington Post confirms this to be the case. Crawford, of course, is an obvious candidate to be moved, even though Lee quotes a rival executive that says he'd garner "very little" in a trade. This shouldn't be a surprise given his small salary and recent benching.

But of course, any trade that happens with this organization usually comes out of nowhere. They're very good at keeping things close to the vest, for better or worse.

A quick word about today: we will be doing new posts for pretty much any rumor or trade worth its salt, but we will also stick this thread in the top slot and post all those links in the comments section. If a trade is actually made, we will make a StoryStream for it and curate all the posts we've done on the topic. For example, if Crawford gets dealt, all Crawford rumors and analysis on the Crawford trade specifically will go there. The idea is to make this a running diary, but also allow folks to comment on specific threads if they'd like.

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